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Coaching for Healing Artists, Creatives, and Desire Based Living.

My mission with coaching is to support people in following their heart's desires to do what they want in this lifetime. I help healing artists and creatives develop their offerings and launch them into the world to serve the greater good and healing on the planet. For the past decade, I have supported a number of entrepreneurs in building their businesses. I approach business through a creative lens and have a skill set that is diverse and robust. With a naturally strategic impulse, I am able to synthesize information and desired outcomes into cohesive systems & beautiful products.

With a background in Spiritual Psychology, I understand that as one moves toward their goals, unresolved material arises. This is often what stops people from stepping fully into their passions. In my coaching containers, I support clients on both their goal-line movement and the healing and resolution of the inner material that would normally discourage forward movement. I utilize somatic practices to anchor learnings and clear outdated beliefs, dissolve stuck trauma, and support my clients in developing a more loving relationship with themselves. 

I am an Alchemy Somatics practitioner, a graduate of The University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program (2005) with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health & Healing (2012), as well as coaching programs devoted to the practice & research of sex, desire, communication, and man/woman dynamics. I've completed the Level I Macrobiotic training at the Kushi Institute and have studied everything from storytelling to photography to dance to graphic design, and so many other interesting topics.

Message me to schedule a call. 

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