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The world wants you to go fast.

I am inviting you to slow down.

Go slow to feel.

Feel to open.

Open to receive.


is a body-based writing class for women to explore their sexuality & desires in a safe and encouraging environment. 

What women are saying...

"In the very first class, my fear became my freedom." –Mandi

“To witness the transformation in myself and every woman here is extraordinary. This course, is shorthand, for coming alive in your erotic body. We went from zero to every woman here completely turned on, engaged, and creating.” –Jody

“Anita has a way of holding women’s desire with such tender, loving, attuned care and witness that it has no choice but to blossom. This class has been so empowering, so awakening, so enlivening and I feel a deeper connection to not only the women in the group, but with myself and with what I want.” –Carla

"Anita holds the most safe and accepting container. I feel like I could write or say absolutely anything and she would still be right with me." –Aly

“In the very first class, something opened up for me. I took back my voice in a way that I hadn't before. It's still sinking deeper into my body and I'm seeing where this new embodiment of my own voice is showing up in all these different aspects of my life.” –Kat

Embody Erotica
Application to Play

I need you to know what this class tastes like.

I want you to feel your body turned on by your own mind, your own desires, your own voice speaking them.

Let's play!


Why Embody Erotica?


be an expression of or give a visible form to


literature or art intended

to arouse sexual desire.

As far as I can tell, women are walking erotica. In this class, we will shake off outdated conditioning and explore desire, fantasy and the reality of what you want & how to ask for it. 

Through the writing and reading of erotica, women open up their voices, turn on their lives, and feel their bodies. We practice simple somatic drop-in exercises to turn toward ourselves and then share our writing with each other to be in connection with other women. 

I once watched a TedTalk that said that when women get together and talk about sex, on average everyone's sex drive increases by 17%. I created this class so that women can come to get filled up on electric connection and take that turn-on home to their partners, lovers, work, and purpose. 

I'm committed to creating a deeply accepting and safe space for women to explore this essential aspect of life and this vulnerable and exciting art form. Apply if you are ready to open up and feel more.   

What women are saying...

“I was excited to start erotic writing, but what I ended up exploring is how I can connect my sex energy to my heart, my power, and my spirit. I didn't even realize that it was something that I wanted or needed. It ended up being so much bigger than just writing from those places, but actually, connecting to those places inside me.” –Harley

"Anita approaches sex like it's art. She introduces concepts for connection that I have never heard of before. I can't wait to meet my next sexual partner to try these things out with. In the meantime, I'm researching my own pleasure." –Participant

“During these past 5 weeks, my erotic energy has become this flower. It's this thing that I have a relationship with and I want to tend to and get to know and explore. For me, my erotic energy is so linked to my connection to the divine and it feels so beautiful.” –Katherine

“I asked myself, how do I heal sexual traumaand I just heard this whisper… pleasure. I had no concept that I could heal in this way, but now I’m seeing how possible it is to do that.” –Participant

 Application to Play

Be the first to know about brand-new classes. I limit each Embody Erotica class to 6 women. I do this to create the deepest experience possible.

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