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Art is inherently healing.

We don't focus on technique.

We play.

We paint.

We heal
through art making.


is a small group painting class for adults
in Atwater Village, Los Angeles

The price includes unstrecthed canvas and all paint and materials!

Upcoming Classes

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April 29th + May 6th
April 27th + May 4th & May 11th
$125/per single class
$333/three class series
$125/per single class
$222/two class series

Why Expressive Arts Painting?

When I make art, I simply feel better – more alive, more expressed, and part of something bigger. I want to share this gift with others and give people a place to express themselves in this fun and colorful modality. Expressed Artist Paint Studio is a place for adults to come and play, paint, and heal through art-making. These classes are not therapy, but deeply transformational. I watch my students open up over time as they develop their individual painting styles and start to let go of the critical voice and develop a relationship with their inner artist. 


You don’t need painting experience to take these classes. You just need the desire to paint & a willingness to explore. There are no rules in art making. It can be anything.

What people are saying...

“Every time I've left one of these classes, I've felt more at ease, more confident, and more loving with myself. This course has really helped me allow myself to experiment without fear of judgment.” - Caroline

“I work in a creative industry where everything is either good or bad and this painting class gave me so much permission just to try things – which was really freeing.” -Sam

"I never considered myself a painter, but I do now." - Adrianne 

“Seeing my first painting to my fifth painting has helped me gain a sense of self-confidence in the way that I paint and in my artistic expression.” - Carrie

"Taking this class enabled me to revisit the love I used to have for just being creative. There are no rules or expectations. The freedom to paint whatever I wanted was the goal." - Jay L.

“Art class in school was very traumatic and I haven't painted since I was about six. Anita's instructions for getting started were so simple and expansive, I ended up painting two pieces that have been in my head my whole life. I keep looking at this painting that I made and I feel proud of it. I was surprised at how fun and easy it was to be creative.” - Rob H.

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